“Creative World”

TC Studio LLC with 15 years of experience in Hollywood’s entertainment world, and FAM Beyond+ working closely with large production companies, artist agencies, and advertising agencies, initiate collaboration to start a new TV show! The show will be aired on the local cable KXLA TV, a very popular channel in Southern California, including Los Angeles. The new program is scheduled to be launched on September 6th, 2020.

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Concept of the Show

While the world changes rapidly under the pandemic period, we would like to deliver supportive messages through our guests from various industries. We hope to help encourage our audiences and younger generations to take their first steps on their paths to realize their dreams!

Welcome to our new show “Creative World”!

We’ll introduce to you some amazing talented people, chat with them in a one on one interview, and show you all some new creative content.

We’ll be sitting down and chatting with all types of successful people in various fields. Hear their stories. Pick their brains. And maybe learn something.

It’s also our goal to support these creative, talented diamonds in the rough, who are about to jump into the greater creative world and let their voices be heard.

Lots of fun & creative contents to come. Enjoy y’all!

Each episode will be archived on our YouTube Channel.

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TC & FAM Beyond for Education

"Our mission is to help to support our young generations. We have an internship program to help young talents to learn the essential filmmaking processes and techniques and also provide working credits on our TV show to help them archive their future goals."

CREATIVE WORLD ~ SEASON 2 (September 2021~ )

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